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Originally Posted by Choate51 View Post
So i used to skate when I was a young lad but now i'm an out of shape 25 year old that wants to get back into hockey. I was never even a rec ice hokey player, more of the pond frozen go shoot the puck with the pals type.

Because of my location and lack of ice rinks in the area I have picked up a pair of rollerblades to get my balance back and to re-teach myself how to skate. The only problem is my lower back is killing me. I have been skating and going to the gym to drop some/lots of weight, my goal is to drop 50.

So what can I do to help strenthen the back and what other excersises I can do to help strenghten my skating skills and lose weight. I have so far droped 10 in the past 6 weeks but I need to focus more on skating excersises.

Thanks for all the direction and help guys.
Well I started to gain weight when I turned 35 or so and by the time I was at 40 I was too heavy. That middle aged metabolism slowdown sure does add weight easily.

I am glad you are getting back into hockey and getting in shape.

I need an exercise bike and as the poster in this thread suggested it will be a great thing for you either at home or at the gym because it has a great calorie burning effect from the cardio vascular speed up. I could go ride my mountain bike but would rather stay at home honestly on a bike and I don't want to join a gym $$$. Plus I have a knee issue from when i was 10 or 11 ... long story but I have scar tissue and cartilage damage from infection.

Okay here is my story, bear with me sometimes I get winded.

Okay I started a diet change (not a diet) after Thanksgiving in Novemeber. Of course I ate like a pig beforehand as it was Turkey Day!

It took until April but I lost 40 lbs because I did it right. Starvation is NOT the thing to do period. Diet change and exercise are the two things needed in combination.

I was at 270lbs at 6ft 4 in which isn't tremendously fat at that stature but my face was starting to get round as well as my arms around my biceps and stuff and the GUT area. Now I am at or around 230lbs ... I think my lowest weight possible and still being healthy would be about 220lbs for a perfect athletic low body fat thing which I do not really care to reach. I have done enough and am in way better looking shape than most 41 year olds I see around here.

I started playing a lot more hockey, I played before but only once a week or once every two weeks ... now I play twice a week on a slow week for hockey.

I cut out beef for the most part and stopped eating pastas. The pasta cut out was tough because I love pasta but damn man it is fattening as your body breaks it down like sugar and stores it as fat. So anyway I cut out pasta and beef and cut out snacking on things like chips and cookies etc. I also cut out my faveorite which were nachos, salsa with melted cheese on them. No more soda pop ..... none.

STAY AWAY FROM HIGH CARB ENERGY DRINKS .... THEY ARE SELLING YOU SUGAR! It is one of the biggest health scams in softdrink history.

I drink cranberry juice and orange juice and lots of water. LOTS OF WATER. Water in good quantities speeds up your metabolism, makes you pee a lot but hey we can't have everything now can we.

I eat apples and bananas instead for snacks and I have a Slimfast shake for breakfast. Then 2 good meals for the rest of the day with the healthy snacking in between. I am never hungry and that is the point.

One thing I love to eat is soup and sandwiches, I buy low fat frozen turkey burgers with no salt added and season them myself with whatever I want on them. I also buy Butterball cold cuts made from turkey and they are low in fat, not low in salt though.

I buy Progressos soups with the 50% less sodium which are still not very low but acceptable by the way, and enjoy those with sandwiches.

I just changed what I ate .... my blood pressure was a bordline high 150 over 90 and is now a perfect 120 over 70.

Good luck to you .... remember that losing weight takes time, it took time to gain it and it takes time to lose it again. Do it right and stay away from diet fads and pills..... please. In any case rollerblading or ice skating often will be enough to strengthen your back and legs. Riding a bike would be extremely beneficial to your leg issues whether it be on a real bike or a stationary exercise bike which is why I want one in my house to use whenever I wish to.

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