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10-27-2004, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Malefic74
This is how the "East Coast bias" thing gets started. Incidentally the Pens did pretty good with that style in the early 90's. Ditto the Nords and Habs in the late 80's. Boston had no problem running and gunning in the 70's did they?

Versus the soft Western conference teams whom he had more chance to do damage against playing them more often in 762 regular season games Gretz scored 1583 pts. An average of 2.08 PPG.

Against the big bad Eastern conference in regular season games he managed a paltry 1116 pts in 611 games. An average of 1.82 PPG.

The difference is a mere .26 PPG. As an aside the team that fared best against him? The Buffalo Sabres. The worst? The Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche.

I'm a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, and Eastern Conference team and a power for the bulk of the 80's. But my boys could not stop Gretzky. Bob Gainey could not stop Gretzky, neither could Guy Carbonneau; both of whom are regarded as some of the best defensive forwards the game has ever seen.

I agree with you, the styles of hockey in the two conferences do favor certain types of player, Val Bure or Vince Damphousse are good examples of that. But for Gretzky it made a negligible difference, if any at all.
I dont want to go too much in detail as I think I pretty agree with your whole statement except the stats you are bringing could very well better be used by those who said he did that good because he play on the western conference...

0.26 PPG less is actually 12,5% less which is HUGE. And the number of games played in both conference just make this more relevant... (Of course, you might want to note that he play the last few years on the Rangers which has probably contribute to put down his East PPG more than West PPG)
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On another note, I think it's hard to compared guys like The Rocket and The Great one. There's so many years between them! All in all, guys who has been good enough to get such a nickname as those 2 guys and Lemieux with "Le Magnifique" are in a league appart of all the others.

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