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10-27-2004, 10:35 PM
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Also, I believe the NHL has caught up to Orr's physical gifts more than they have to Wayne's mental gifts. Orr would NEVER be able to rush up the ice with such aplomb these days, and those point shots would go in with MUCH less frequency. He'd still be the best D-man in the game, but forget about him being as far ahead of the pack as he was in the '70s.

Wayne could easily stick and kill today's defenses, he did it in a season every bit as low scoring as we see nowadays, and at 37 with NO offensive support, to boot.
I have to disagree, I still pick Wayne over Orr on the all time rankings, but I really do not think that Orr would be closer to the pack at all, physical gifts nothing, he still has a ridiculous hockey mind, it seems to me the arguement your using is very similar to that which the Lemieux fans are using to discredit Gretzky. Great players are great players, the era they played in has nothing to do with it, not to mention the amount Orr changed the game, he's really the only guy comparable to Gretzky in that regard IMO. I'll respectfully disagree.

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