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07-22-2009, 12:21 AM
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my hockey story:

it started out when i was about 10. i saw a flyers vs. penguins game on TV. me and my dad watched it. my father passed away in December of 08. i was 14 at the time 15 now. so anyway. i watched them and living in IL there is not alot of flyers games on TV. so i go NHL Network watched NHL OTF alot. i decided one day i was going to buy a cheap stick and a few of those rubber pucks and start hitting them around the garage. i thought Hey, I'm pretty good at this. then i went threw the whole learn to skate phase. i learned to skate went to a try out, made the team and first game of the season i hurt my leg. groin, ankle, knee. out the rest of the season and this year isnt looking too promising because i hurt my groin again.

thats my story. it might not be clear but anyway i hope youget the point

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