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07-22-2009, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by CapitalsCup2010 View Post
Really, so this is all, in your eyes a vote of "little confidence" from ownership and management? They're just going to tread water and next year and beyond we should expect big daring trades and amazing wheeling and dealing by McPhee and company? Forgive my skepticism.
I don't think it says that management necessarily plans to blow the fans' socks off with trades in future. I think it simply means they are absorbing the full frontal cap penalties this year, because they do not want to suffer from them for the next three or four years, which is what buyouts now entail. It's no longer just money, it's money plus cap penalties for twice the length of the deal.

The idea of buyouts to get a little more cap space this year pre-supposes that they are alright taking the penalties that come with buyouts own the road. They aren't looking like a team happy about the future downside to buyouts.

...and frankly, this defense still stinks, for a pretender. It isn't winning a Cup anyway. So position the team to have the cap space it's going to need starting next summer for Semin/Backstrom.

I think it's a myth that this team, as currently constituted, is in a Cup-winning window. It needs either an impact player on defense via trade/free agency, or time to let the core talent on defense mature into their primes.

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