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Originally Posted by Kareem View Post
You can lose weight without cutting out pasta. Sugar in sports drinks is the whole point(malto or dextrose) of the drink, you're supposed to drink it during your workout. There's no scam here, everyone knows this. No reason to undereat at breakfast either, most people go 10 hours without eating when they wake up, you're supposed to eat your biggest meal at that time, it's essential.

But yeah, if you want to slim down, for the rest of the day, eat protein, fruits, vegetables and good fat. Fruits and vegetables are low calories yet they fill you up as well as starchy carbs.

I mean come on HF68, you still eat sandwiches, bread is not any better than pasta, it's worse, the only problem with pasta is people don't know what's an adequate amount.
The energy drinks are a scam because they market them to joe schmoe who doesn't even exercise by showing their fave sports heroes drinking it. it is a huge multi million dollar business in a country where 60% (and that's being generous) of the populace is now overweight and/or obese.

If they sold it to guys who actually drank it during workouts they wouldn't sell enough to make it worth their while. You're going to tell me with a straight face that they are not doing this and that it isn't so?

I cut out most of the carbs from my diet was the point .... not all. You NEED carbs. I still sugar my coffees etc. I love cornflakes etc

I do not even know why I am explaining what cutting out pasta did for me .... I'M THE ONE WHO LOST THE 40 LBS BY DOING IT!

Yeah .... thanks for your advice. I'll change what I'm doing because it isn't working.



AFTER .... 230LBS

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