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07-22-2009, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
I've become annoyed/self conscious about a specific out of shape problem I've developed recently. When I lived in Calgary I walked everywhere, including to work, and played hockey, so I was in pretty good shape. But since moving to Vancouver back in January, I've been stuck without a job in this crappy economy, living on EI. So basically I've been sitting around at home in front of my computer/TV all day except for hockey nights when I jump in the car and head to the rink.

While I'm hardly close to my late teen years this has kept me in relatively good shape, I skate hard when playing so my ankles are strong, my thighs are solid, and my overall fitness level is decent enough to make it through a game with a 2 line bench. The problem? With my walking cut drastically and since its an area you don't use when skating, I've developed large, flabby calves
Well keep at it .... the fat will come off with time if you persist on findiung ways to walk more. Playing more hockey would be good ... I play twice a week in the summer and more in the winter time.

it's tough though I know, I played two nights in a row this week and now won't be able to until Monday next week. I don't like having more than three days off in between hockey.

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