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Originally Posted by Jekyll View Post
Sigh...... Not this ridiculous argument again. Are you going to try to pretend that Lidstrom did not help his own scoring against the weaker teams of his era?
You can not deny the league in the 70s was watered-down and there was an incredible lack of parity those years, going into the early 80s as well. There were A LOT of teams back then that sucked a lot worse than the Islanders have for the past few years.

It's not even close to today.

In any case, Potvin brought his A game against the best teams.

Using only Montreal and Philly for 3 seasons between 1976-79(2 of THE greatest defensive teams in History), Potvin scored:
Philly: 8 Goals and 10 Assists in 20 games.
Montreal: 6 goals and 9 assists in 12 games.'
Total 14 goals and 19 assists in 32 games for 33 points in 32 games.
I believe it -- though obviously it's much less than what he averaged per game during those seasons -- so he must have been doing much better elsewhere huh?

And this is only from 2 of the best defensive teams in History. What exactly do the modern teams have that these superteams did not? The devils may, MAY be comparable slightly to Philly during this timeframe, but no other team from Lidstrom's time compares to the Montreal Dynasty.
Now if Potvin did as well against them, doesn't it stand to reason he was more than capable of really taking advantage of the abundance of utter crappy teams at the time?

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