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I started a diet about 5 months ago. I wouldn't really call it a diet, but a life change. I used to drink so much pop it's not even funny and really that was the thing I was gaining weight on. So I decided to switch to diet pop and eat less and try not to eat fast food a lot. I eat fast food maybe once or twice every 2 - 3 weeks now, which isn't that bad.

Basically my meal's go like this for a day.

Protein Bar for B - Fast

Grilled Chicken and Rice from a Viet place for lunch.

Some sort of low cal snack most of the time yogurt ( 35 cal / 100 ML I think !! and it tastes amazing!)

Then Dinner.

I go to the gym around 3 - 4 nights a week now, but the biggest thing for me is just trying to stay underneath 2000 calories a day or so, while doing an hour or 2 of exercise at least 4 - 5 days a week.

I am not on a hardcore diet either it's just trying to watch what I intake and exercise. Like I couldn't tell ya what's good or bad I just look for stuff that is low in fat and doesn't have that many calories. The big thing for is if I get hungry to just have an apple or something. Ooo lol I also drink a lot of Diet pepsi, which I know I should stop, but I never will >.< But I still drink 1 - 2 L of water a day.

But ya I have lost 50 LBS or so by just changing some stuff up. The pop was the biggest change and just trying to watch how many calories I intake a day, while doing regular exercise, but I guess it depends on how you want to do it. I just want to get my abs and muscles back.
50 lbs ... AWESOME! 10 lbs a month is pretty decent, it takes a while to get fat and takes a while to lose it. It took me 5 months to lose 40 ... maybe that is about right and good enough.

I've leveled off at where I want to be now and have been the same weight since the end of April.

I eat everything. Difference is I only eat proper proportions. I went to Europe and saw how people eat there and it rubbed off on me.

You can eat anything you want if you eat it in moderation.

But we live in a supersize country.

Oh ya, just don't walk with the weights if it bothers your knee. Just simply extend the distance to compensate. I hate bikes to use for primary exorcise because I always tear my hamstring or something when I skate after I train primarily on them.
Yeah no kidding about the USA being the supersize country. Too bad really because people aren't figuring out to leave the microwave pizzas in the cooler.

I went to see a Bruins game in Montreal vs the Canadiens and walking around Montreal it struck me how many people were in shape and not overweight there. I was literally shocked because here when you go out and walk around town everyone it seems is fat. Almost everyone .... I feel sad to see young teens at the mall or something and they are 40 to 50 lbs overweight.

It just should not be that way and kids should be taught better at home and not be left a $20 bill to order pizza because Ma is too busy to cook.


So my diet has changed, I eat some instant oatmeal for breakfast with a bottle of water, lunch I have a turkey cold cut sandwich with some type of fruit, then for dinner I have chicken or fish. I lost 10 pounds so far with this diet and excercise. I was so out of shape it wasn't even funny and yesterday I was able to to jog the first mile without stopping since I was 18, people may laugh but i don't give a crap anymore.

What have learned about my body is that calorie intake is the most important to me. I can eat a big mac for dinner, but as long as my calorie intake is below 1800 and work out for at least an hour every other day I seem to be making progress.

Thanks for the help and I will spend more time on the bike to see if that helps.
I remember I had started my diet change after Turkey day and around Christmas time I had lost 10 lbs after a month of eating better. It felt good but I wasn't where I wanted to be yet but it did give me some good mental status and it told me I really can do it.

In any case good luck to you guys ... I don't miss soda pop, chips, french fries, beef burritos, cheeseburgers etc because I have found alternatives.

I must admit though that I do miss a big huge plate of spaghetti and homemade meatballs regularly.

This being said however once a month I buy a large pepperoni pizza because I love pepperoni pizza. Just one ... once a month. I can do that and still be safe.

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