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10-28-2004, 10:58 AM
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[QUOTE=Melrose_Jr.]You're leaving out a rather large part of the Ekman story/QUOTE]

Yes, hence me saying "his situation with the Rangers." I thought that I had made it quite clear. I am not a moron and indeed have knowlege of Ekman's sucess in San Jose. That's not my point, the whole Ekman reference came up because I was saying I didnt think Wiseman would get a legit shot. That doesnt mean he dosent deserve one, but I dont think he will.

"Whereas you do get excited over a guy who tallies 100 points or so in juniors and make the assumption that he's ready to jump to the next level"

I dont think that statement is really accurate. Take a guy like Layne Ulmer for example -

2000-2001 - gp 68 g 63 a 56 pts 119

No one thought "that's great we signed him as he will be our first line center in a couple of years." They thought, put up lots of points in juniors, has some skill but probably not enough to take it to the next level. He may have a few games in he NHL, but he is not considered a future regular (by anyone I've spoken to).

Junior stats are a guide, but to me that's all they are. there are so many factors that can affect them that I dont think they can be used as an accurate assesment of a players performance. Just my opinion.

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