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07-23-2009, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
So they go to Hossa and say, "Have that surgery now, sonny." I dunno. I can see going to an extreme to get out of a cap mess that only the Hawk brass didn't see coming, but this seems pretty strange. Why did they want Hossa at all? I think they're into some star power, marketing thingy. Sidelining him for almost half the season doesn't fit in with that plan.
Fugu, it was a stupid signing. By this point, I should think that is obvious. By going the LTIR route for the first half of the season, however, the Hawks accomplish the following things:

1) They don't have to trade Patrick Sharp this year. Yes, they are probably still going to lose at least one if not two of the group of Kane, Towes and Keith by the start of the 2010 season, but at least it's not those guys PLUS Sharp.

2) They can sell Hossa's late arrival on the team as 'their trade deadline move' to a fan base that is probably going to be really leery of the team by that point, given their goaltending situation.

I don't know who made the final call on the Hossa signing... and by the way, Kopecky's making 1.2 mil (!!) for them as well... but whoever did that screwed up pretty badly. Chicago is in the same situation now that Detroit was entering last season, cap wise. They had some room to make a one-year offer, but the RFA situation was going to absorb quite a bit of cap space moving forward.

So, rather than doing the intelligent thing like Ken Holland... using the space you have now but allowing yourself flexibility moving forward... what the Hawks have done is totally kill themselves. They are done, capwise. They have this year, a year which will feature Cristobal freaking Huet as the #1, to win a Cup. After this year, they are borked.

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