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07-23-2009, 12:38 PM
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One thing that I haven't seen mentioned...

Attention to detail..

I'm a pretty low-skill guy in my league. I'm not able to rack up many points or even hang on to the puck very much. Because of that, I find smaller, more attainable challenges - mini-games, if you will - and concentrate on those.

For a lower level guy like me, the payoff is that I know I'm helping the team even if I'm not scoring.

For a better player, this kind of approach makes you pay attention to the small details, keep your head in the game, and hustle more..


If you're defending in your own zone, concentrate on hounding your D-man at the blueline. To the point that his teammates don't even bother looking his way when they're looking to pass. Make up your mind that your guy isn't even going to touch the puck, much less get a SOG, assist or goal.

If your team has gained possession and is starting to break out, pay attention to moving along with your teammates as a unit, rather than sprinting up the ice ahead of everyone. Be spread out, but not stretched out.

If the puck is loose along the boards, commit to digging it out and gaining/keeping possession for your team.

If the other team gains possession and is breaking out, pay attention to backchecking. HARD. You might not catch up to the point of stealing the puck, but you can at least take away turning lanes and/or passing options.

Commit to the forecheck, and do it HARD. Don't just coast in swinging your stick around. Skate full speed right at the D-man and force him to rush his decision. If he skates it, pursue and harass him all the way down the ice. The goal is to force him into dumping the puck out, icing it, or making an off target pass.

I could go on & on..

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