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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
You need a different skate. Those do not fit your foot. You'll need some skate that's wider in the forefoot. You need to go into a store to get fitted.

Different insoles won't help much with that kind of pain. What they may allow you to do is allow you to loosen up the forefoot since superfeet are a higher volume insole then most stock ones (Easton's are comparable, they use custom shockdoctor ones).

You're probably looking at new skates. Try Easton, CCM's U+ line, and RBKs, or possibly one of the new vapors in a wide width. The new ones are wider in the forefoot with the same narrow heel, a wide with in those should give you a similar heel and a wider forefoot then you have now. But try the insoles and lacing first, you may be able to fix it with that.

Good luck.

Fit is so important. You should be fitted similarly to these videos:

I've heard so many guys, say they just got skates 2 sizes or 1 size down from their shoe size. Without getting properly measured.

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