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Originally Posted by anderson9 View Post
To no one in particular, here's my tuppence.
A lengthy 1998 report, A Game In A Crisis put it bluntly that hockey in its birthplace was diagnosed stagnant as placing beef over brains, moronic player development, encouragement of sure physical game, the result being Canada's repeated helplessness agst top European opposition.
The report ridiculed some hotheated Canucks for insisting that nothing wrong had happened at Nagano, only 'Lindros hit the post in the SO' ignoring the fact that the semi agst Czech Republic was humiliatingly close and resulted in a well-deserved loss. The early 2000s though showed signs of recovery, but currently Canada seems overtaken by events bc natural-resourse- driven Russia has launched several ambitious national projects to show the world it's "getting up off its knees". State investment is huge and believe me, unless there's a dramatic drop in oil prices, Russia's proven superiority in big- time sports, including hockey is a matter of time. I don't see why Canadians so stubbornly ignore two latest WCs -they show that 'times they are a changing'. Face facts - you cant beat the Soviet style mammoth system.
I am American and think the less physical focus of the post-lockout NHL will result in more top players from the US, because USA Hockey is so ticky tack about hitting with younger players. Simply put, this will hurt Canada in the long run and I think we're already seeing clear signs of it.

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