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07-24-2009, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Choate51 View Post
I dont have much experience with deadlifts, where can i go to see proper form or technique? What is a good weight to start at? Dead lifts are one of the few things I have never been taught while in the gym. Any help would be great.

With deadlifts, because your back is so heavily involved, start with small weights just to get technique down. It's much more valuable to have proper technique than worrying about lifting more than anyone in your gym.

The deadlift is widely regarded as the best compound movement you can do to strengthen your core, back and legs.

It's hard work but totally worth it.
As someone that pointed this out to me said, "there's very few times in your life where you'll have to move or lift something via benchpress movement. But how many times will you have to bend and lift a heavy or light object?"

Have you ever seen that movie "300"? The staple of their workout were deadlifts. They'd pick up tractor tires and flip them over and over. It builds crazy power, size and strength. Enjoy.

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