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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
no budget means economical crisis in a region of germany were there's already no economy.
Oh the economy isn't that bad here, this region is one of the better-off in the East. But the big companies (there's a huge Volkswagen plant just around the corner) don't sponsor locally. And the smaller businesses don't have the money to make a difference.

crimmitschau is hockey. the fans are maniacs. they have incredible potential since the whole region supports hockey. but unfortunately there's nothing. no potential sponsors. so they will always fight for survival, but it's good news for german hockey that they stay in 2nd-tier.
Crimmitschau is "owned" by a group of local small-business owners, some of them are former players for the club. They can keep things afloat (for now) but we cannot compete with the big money teams. Once in a while we find a gem like Eric Schneider or Patrick DesRochers but even then they'll leave after that one season.

But at least Crimmitschau has never forfeited a season or missed payroll since being re-established in 1990. The club almost dissolved during the off-season two years ago but fans, sponsors and the city collected over 1 million dollars in three months to save their team. It's not as crazy as it was 10-15 years ago when the ETC was near the top 10 in national attendance (while playing in the 2nd and 3rd tier leagues) but it's still a "hockey town". Still, people eventually tire of losing all the time so this market is going to die a slow death. Unless some white knight will come out of nowhere or the owners win in the lottery or some other miracle happens.

One thing the clubs is apparently trying this summer is signing foreigners who already have Europe experience. We got two Canadians who played in Scandinavia last season, plus a Latvian. Last year the foreigners were mostly fresh from North America and for some reason that didn't work at all. Maybe because we had to use three coaches as the first one deserted to the KHL just 1 week before our season opener and the second one was hired on short notice and quickly looked overextended. The chaos that is minor league hockey.

And there was no relegation because Bad Tölz declared bankruptcy during the season and was therefore relegated without a "playdown" series. Which meant that Crimmitschau and Dresden missed out on planned revenues from those games. Bad Tölz (like every other team) had to leave a sum of security money with the league from which to compensate the other teams in such a case. However, the rules were worded so ambigously that Tölz now claims it doesn't have to pay and the other clubs haven't seen a dime yet. Like I said, the chaos that is minor league hockey...

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