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Originally Posted by PDO View Post
Hitting should be incorporated from the second kids start playing the game.

The longer you wait to incorporate it ( hitting ), the bigger size discrepancy there will be, and the more kids will get smoked.
That's utter nonsense. Size discrepancy ( which tends to be most pronounced from ages 11 to 15 ) is genetic . Ergo, u can't coach it out of existence ! Secondly, even in Canada, there are NO studies supporting ur contentions. Every single study, I've read or heard of, has concluded that the earlier u introduce hitting, the more serious injuries WILL occur. And , contrary to popular opinion, it isn't strictly because kidz haven't been taught to give / receive hits properly. Geez Luise...It's NOT Rocket Science; it's simple physics/ probability. Violent hits can and DO Hurt; the greater the number, the higher the incidence of serious injuries...

Some of my fellow Canucks remain unwilling to WAKE UP & SMELL DA COFFEE...All the weight of scientific evidence comes out strongly in support of the Russian argument/ system. So too, does the evidence ON THE ICE !

IF Canada wants to stay #1 in hockey, we should be doing better at skill development than we are. Those fat cats at Hockey Canada cant continue to rest on their laurels. A la our 1998 Hockey soul searching & instigation of the ' program of excellence, Canadian hockey must keep on innovating + changing with the times. Rather than perpetually ignoring a plethora of studies ( not to mention common sense on Ice evidence ) suggestive that all is NOT well here, in the Great White North. I also agree with someone who said that our Canuck superstars have honed their puck wizardry moreso in spite of ( rather than because of ) our devlopmental system...which seems dedicedly inefficient...


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