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07-25-2009, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Yup, and at 3.3 mil I'd MUCH rather have Randy Jones at only 2.75 mil.

Now IF the Bruins think (or have in place already) they can trade Kessel for a good young player who is still under contract cheaply and won't be an RFA until next season or the following, then 1 year of Morris is not too bad I guess. If they can trade Kessel straight up for Kesler then their cap problems are solved and I don't think they will have hurt their team at all. However, that's a HUGE leap of faith believeing that yu can get Kesler (@ under 2 mil for 2 more seasons) for Kessel (who is reportedly asking for 5 mil a season).
Glad to see Kessel and his agent are really shooting for the stars in terms of a contract. 5 million bucks a season, eh. I agree with what Chiarelli is doing in Boston - Kessel has zero leverage. He's an RFA, he has no arbitration rights, he's essentially dead in the water. All what he can do is hold out and that just hurts him. He's going to have to swallow his pride, come back to the Bruins at a discounted price (and yes, it's hard to believe that 3 million bucks and change is a discounted price) and then play for a new deal that might be a better pay off. As it stands, Kessel would be asking for more coin than Krejci, and I don't know about anyone on here, but I'll take Krejci any day of the week over Kessel.

As for the Morris signing, I kind of like Morris. I think Boston is the perfect situation for Morris. He's going to play in the top four and I can easily see him and Mark Stuart partnering up. And contrary to what people may think, there is some snarl to Morris' game and he hits like a freight train. Stuart is going to allow him to play a bit more on the offensive side and a return to a 40 point season is definitely a possibility. However, the one thing about Morris that does need to be pointed out is that he's missed time in the past with injuries, so he might be a touch injury prone. Anyways, good signing by the Bruins.

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