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10-29-2004, 06:22 AM
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If there was a hard cap in place next season, then Detroit would be screwed... as would several other teams...

that's why I just don't see it happening at all... there are too many teams that are either over that kind of cap line, or have too many big contracts to be able to fit in, while maintaining a 23 man roster.

considering how much the NHLPA are against a cap to begin with, even if one comes in, it's likely to be a soft cap - that's something that ownership would accept, so why would the players even consider talking hard cap, when just agreeing on a soft cap with a luxury tax would be considering folding from their position to begin with?

as for salaries rolling over - I don't see it happening... we heard all about this situation during the Nolan contract, and the NHL wasn't going with it then... considering that nearly all players don't have clauses like Nolan in their contracts already, why would they simply roll over contracts now?

doesn't help the NHL... and it's not something that the players would necessarly want either, as it would mean sooner free agency status... if the season gets wiped out, the contracts for last year would get wiped out as well - which makes the most sense, as technically right now the players are "losing" the salaries which would have been paid if there was no lockout... if another 10 payment dates get missed because of a lockout, that contract year is wiped out....

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