Thread: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Someone has a birthday
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07-25-2009, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post

Try to come up with one that isn't ridiculous!
Heh, one of the perks of creating the group is getting to name it whatever you like

Originally Posted by Heaton View Post
The BigCheifGoodFlyingNewsguyTinCanFitzgeraldSMOE Parking lot.
We might have a winner.....but instead of Parking Lot is should be his Time Out! Even Fugu can laugh at that one.

Originally Posted by HockeyinHD View Post
So, Captain Bob has managed to turn a thread about trying to come up with something fun into a sarcastic snark fest.

Hey, even I'm impressed by that.
This thread is full of win today!

Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
What's wrong with LOUNGE.
Or OT Thread.
Or whatever. Why make it about TiGirl's favorite fourth liner. Or Sunlin's "hockey husband?"

I don't like giddy.
Well, I named it in honor Hudler's awesome display of public drunkenness at the Cup Parade. Helm and Ericsson are logical targets since they are favs of two of the more active posters in it. But hey, come up with something witty and Wings-related and that'll be the new name if I like it.

You know, perks of creating the group and all.....

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