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Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
He does shoot hard, I saw the video from when his bicep was injured and it was still good, but not 100 I don't think. Anyway, yeah, this item is kind of a conundrum because it will sometimes give wacky results but you will find your true speed after a while.
No for sure not 100 in that video .... I wasn't shooting full tilt yet and i was using a woody in it .... a cheap woody. I paid $7 on clearance the shaft is cheap plywood. i used it for the ABS blade as I was shooting off of a particle board plank and didn't want to ruin a composite blade. I however think after using it that a composite would be okay though.

I am healed up know and should make a video with me shooting as hard as I can. The only shot in that video close to how hard I can shoot is right about at the 30 second mark. The rest were holding it back shots as to not reinjure.

Like you said with the puck thing after a lot of shots a pattern of truth should develop as for mph accuracy. It would give me an idea at least.

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