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Originally Posted by RJ8812 View Post
Emery's contract is also done after this saeson, and he'll want a raise assuming he performs well.

you also have to factor in players that are running out the following season aswell, and they include Gagne, Carter & Giroux.
Emery DOES count towards the available money to extend Coburn, Parent and others, I did forget about him. It's also likely that he's gone after this season anyways because we probably won't have 3+ mil to spend to keep him.

Regarding Gagne, Carter and Giroux having expiring contracts following the 2010/11 season, I doubt we "save" cap space for them. I think we'll spend to the limit again next off season and "cross that bridge when we come to it" regarding having the money to keep those 3. That has always been the year that worried me the most. Gagne could see a modest increase to say around 6 mil. I could EASILY see Carter getting upwards of 7-7.5 mil. And if Giroux continues this season where he left off last year I could easily see him reaching 60 points in his first full season in the NHL. You just know that he'll see an offer sheet of at least 3 mil (only a 2nd rnd pick as compensation right now) if we don't have him signed ahead of time. That's easily 5 mil in raises right there. Unless the economy rebouds tremendously and we see a 2011/12 season cap in excess of 63 mil we could be in a lot of trouble or be saying "Bye-bye" to somebody.

I still wish we had given Carter the exact same contract we gave Richards 2 years ago. Right after Richards signed that deal I was saying that we should do the exact same thisng with Carter. Man that would be sweet to have Carter locked up for the next 10 years at 5.75 mil.

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