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Originally Posted by Choate51 View Post
Because of my location and lack of ice rinks in the area I have picked up a pair of rollerblades to get my balance back and to re-teach myself how to skate. The only problem is my lower back is killing me.
Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
It's a natural but bad habit to bend the back. Keep working on bending the knees and using your back only for balance. I will often try to visualize myself with "chest up and out, hips forward, knees bent" when I get a chance to work on skating, since I'm always slipping to bad habits. But when you do practice for a while, you'll feel better balanced and be able to use your edges better and get more power and speed from your legs.
Originally Posted by LilWinger11 View Post
When you rollerblade, watch that you're not skating with your butt out and your back swayed. Try to think of keeping your back flat- not flat as in parallel to the ground, but more like / rather than ). I find myself rollerblading like that sometimes, even though I don't do it on the ice, and it really does stress your lower back.
Regarding the skating posture, I have to confess I do tend to skate/rollerblade hunched over. But I am not convinced it's a detriment to skating, but it could be to hockey (harder to keep your head up). So I do not think the hunched over posture would be the sole source of your lower back pain, my back is just fine knock on wood. Not sure how much you remember from the skating days, but you might be doing the "headbob" when you skate, having your whole body rather than just the legs bend and straighten when you skate. That way your head would go up an down, and I can imagine can cause your lower back to hurt since you'd be doing a bow with every stride. Instead, your head, shoulders and waist should remain level, the same height off the ground through the stride, as if you were riding a bike or sitting on a chair.

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