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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
How much do those energy drinks usually run and any specific kind to get, or just energy drinks ?

I'm hungry all the time and usually need a lunch, or supper, so what would be big, but not too bad on the calories ?
for $25 at costco i get 2KGs of whey(not soy sorry) protein and i mix it with skim lasts me about 2-3 months. this plus the fruit have helped me trim off about 20 pounds since may. i only skate once a week in the summer so i need to watch what i eat.i have also replaced molson canadian beer (or about 12 of them on a friday and or saturday night) with rum and diet caff free coke. six of those and i'm gone.
i am also in construction which keeps me somewhat active, but it doesn't replace excersie LOL. in the winter i skate three times a week (or more) and that combined with work keeps me slimmer.

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