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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
1) I don't think any of these goalies have had the performance and success (both in the SEL and on the International stage) that Lundqvist has had by the age of 22...
If you mean just the Swedish goalies, then Tellqvist posted a GAA of 2.07 and 2.08 in two seasons at Djugården at around the same age. He didn't have as much success, perhaps, but he was very good; however, his international experience was more limited. Lehtonen had simply frightening numbers both in the Finnish league and internationally.

Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
2) I agree about the caution many have because of the past accomplishments and careers of Swedish goalies....But I think Lundqvist--the best gaolie in the SEL for the past two years-- is one of those special talents that you mention.....And I also agree with your point further down that he will be highly scrutinized...But this kid looks like he has poise and focus in spades...

3) I agree that Lundqvist is not invincible, not should he be at 22....I had not hear or seen that his glove hand was a concern, but I will keep that in mind and watch for it..
The glove hand thin is just something I read in two places, I forget where, sorry. I didn't read that it was suspect or a concern, just that it isn't one of his strenths. I could be wrong.

Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
4) What is NHL-quality shooting? From what I can tell, the NHL quality and skill set (or the ability for it to be used in a game) has been going down year after year and is way over-rated..And right now with the lockout (which will continue for AT LEAST a year), isn't Lundqvist playing against the best collection of talent in the world? And doing the best he ever has?
Lundqvist is currently playing with some of the best players in the world, but it's still not got the concentration of talent that the NHL has. Plus, most of the players are European. In Europe, players concentrate much more on being in quality shooting positions before they let fly. In the NHL, players will shoot from all over the ice much more. One big difference between the NHL and minor leagues is that some players have hard shots, others have accurate shots, but in the NHL, you get the players who have lasers that hit the net.

Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk
5) from your lips to Gods ears about the Rangers one day unleashing his talent on the NHL....

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