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10-29-2004, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666
I guess we have different opinions on what a marginal player is. Just because he';s on the 2nd line doesn't not make him a marginal player, the fact is that he's a marginal player on the 2nd line and if you went team by team you'd see that. Same thing with 2nd pairing defenceman, just because that's where they play doesn't make them any better than marginal.
Not really. Your 4th liners and 3rd defensive pairings are typically the "marginal" or "fringe" players. Your 3rd liners are typically the "plumbers". Top 2 line talent and top 2 pairings of defensemen are just 6 and top 4 talents. There is typically a world of difference between the 2nd pairing and 3rd pairing defensemen.

"the point is that there is some movement to get to the table and stop this incredibly unproducitve staring contest."

Wether you (general you, not you xander) support the players or owners, it is undeniable that the reason that there is ZERO movement is Bettman. After all, why should the NHLPA make a new proposal? They made the last one. The one Bettman did not make a counter as of yet to. The one after which, Bettman decided that grown men need "a period of time to reflect".
You are right, there has been zero movement in this stalemate. But the only side to make any concession whatsoever have been the players. Hard to keep making offers when the other side is not interested in making counter offers. All of Bettman's words and stance just is convincing me more and more that he is not interested in having a season. Cancelation of the season is his first step in declaring an impasse. The problem is I do not think that he looked at this long-term. He has not even considered what happens if he is not allowed to declare an impasse. He has not considered what happens to those Canadian teams whose provinces do not allow scab labor.

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