Thread: Confirmed with Link: Canucks Sign Kellan Tochkin to a ELC
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07-27-2009, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by VanFan101 View Post
Dude, I've read a lot of your posts and you have this weird fixation on size. I hope thats not some sort of Freudian thing going on there not that there's anything wrong with that...

But in all seriousness, I'm 6'7 and I consider myself pretty biased against small guys(I'll always take a big guy over a little guy, all other things being equal), and I have no problem with the moves the Canucks are making. I'll take a small skilled guy over a big body no skilled guy any day. The only time size should play a factor is if two players are of relatively equal skill and athleticism, then you go with the bigger guy. But there just isn't the same number of big guys with skill as there are little guys, its the nature of the sport, the closer you are to the ice the easier it is to control the puck and your center of gravity is better suited to skating. If we could fill our top six with nothing but Mario Lemuixs and Eric Staals I'd be all for it, but there just aren't that many big/skilled players out there. You can pad out your bottom six some big bodies that can take care of anyone that takes liberties with your small guys, and put the most skill you have available to you into your top six.
Same as Aeon.

I really liked the signing. him and Steven Anthony were both good pick ups for what he had to give up to get them.

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