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07-28-2009, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by hashmarks View Post
And instead of 'upping his level' Zherdev went the other way and acted like a scared schoolgirl with and without the puck. How is a coach supposed to trust a player like that? What about his teammates? He is supposed to be absolved of any responsibility of upping his level because it is 'not his style of play' or 'he scored many points just to get to the playoffs?' That is how you think and THAT is truly absurd and pretty much the antithesis of winning hockey.

You are the one who keeps hammering on stats and points...for me, it has very little to do with it. The playoffs are waaay tighter and goal scoring is very difficult so it is not difficult to assume that a players ppg average during the playoffs will be lower.

The guy flung the puck away as soon as anyone got near him. If he did get it, he skated down the wing and chucked it towards the front of the net hoping it might get to his teammate, or not.

In reality, the stats are merely an afterthought of my arguement and it has absolutely everything to do with the way the guy played. It was flat embarrasing and if you couldn't see that, then like the other guy said, you and I watch a different game. Mind you, that became very apparent to me from your posts from the beginning.
What's the point of bashing Zherdev for 5 pages?? Did he sleep with your daughter??
The thread was supposed to be about him going to a new team.

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