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07-28-2009, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by XavierX View Post
A QO is a de-facto contract, approved by the NHL in our case. The smart thing for both parties would be for Upshall to sign it (I think he will) and then to see how he works out, this season. I think he is trying to play a bit of hardball because perhaps he overachieved and wants to cash in. Maloney isnt buying that and rightfully so. I love Scottie but his ass can be traded at any time for someone who wants to be here and wont squabble over hundreds of thousands. Really, the guy has not paid his dues yet or really stuck with a team so to speak. I don't blame DM at all for the situation. We all know he is masterful with contracts.

This will be announced tomorrow, sometime. NHL office doesn't exactly work the graveyard shift.

Good post. I too am extremely happy in this day and age, and with the way the team is being built. We have a GM that isn't going to go out and give ridiculous 10 year contracts banking on them reaching their potential. Look at a team like Chicago and how they are running there team right now, they could very well lose there most important core players, because they chose to overpay people.

Upshall has had less than a quarter of a good season with us. Him thinking he should be paid like a 30 goal scorer for that is crazy, considering he has never been close. I'm hoping he just agrees to a one year deal and both sides come out happy. He goes out next season and score 30, I don't think Maloney is going to have a problem with his payday. Within reason I'm sure.

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