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07-28-2009, 10:54 AM
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Whatever you choose, just make sure that the straps run all the way underneath and around the bag. Those with straps that jsut attach at the top or the sides have a tendancy of separating from the bag and tearing. I'd also lean towards one that doesn't have a separate clip on should starp. Those tend to break due to the wait of the gear. Instead, choose one whose two straps velcro together for over the should carrying. There are quite a few bags by CCM, RBK, etc. that fit this bill - too many to link here.

If Easton bag quality is the same as their warm up quality, don't expect them to last at all. I have an old school Itech bag that my daughter just decided she wanted to start using over her wheely backpack. While I think it's cool she's going old school I am bummed that I can't find another one like it.

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