Thread: OT: Vaananen vs Tollefsen
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07-28-2009, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
That's such a silly thing to say. Yeah, when Tollefson is stuck behind his own net with the puck, Pronger can just teleport out there from the bench and move the puck up the ice for him. And it's not like playing him with a quality puckmover would make everything ok either. Hockey's not that simple.

While I like the idea of having balanced with more of a puckmover, and one with more of a stay-at-home no way shape or form does that assure that it will be no problem for that pairing to move the puck up the ice. All defensemen need to be good two-way players to a certain extent if they are playing in the NHL. If some guy is a nightmare with the puck on his stick, that becomes a problem no matter how good of a puckmover he has playing next to him.

you are not always going to get 6 "perfect" defenseman. Yeah sure it would be nice to have 6 guys that can move the puck out of the defensive zone but you are not always going to get that.
Pronger,Tinonen,Coburn and even Jones can handle the puck.
Parent is more of a defensive defenseman and how often is he asked to bring the puck out? We have the guys who can do it. Your 7th defenseman isnt going to be perfect.

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