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Originally Posted by Rick The Rypper View Post
I'm newer too but have done lots of reading so I'll take a stab.

Skates usually fit 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than your shoes. You CAN buy online as it is usually cheaper but it is HIGHLY recommended you go to your LHS and get fitted properly there. That way you can also get them baked. Skates all fit differently and different brands, even different lines within a brand, will fit feet better or worse than others. So it's advisable not to have your mind set on one brand.

For sticks, 25 range will be a wood stick and the Sherwood 5030 is very popular. If you want composite my buddy got a Reebok 5K for around 60 CAD I believe (maybe more, can't remember). How tall are you though? Since you want a flexible stick and if you're not very tall you can try to get an intermediate stick, which are shorter and more flexible than seniors. Senior sticks also usually come in three flexes, mid, regular and stiff.

Skates for under 80? I can't really help you much there but check out No idea how good those skates are (likely not very) and their durability is probably pretty low. Your best bet for under 80 is to find some used skates.

As for the D, that's the width. D is regular width foot. E or EE is wide feet.

You may want to check out But these are just guides and won't necessarily be correct.
Thanks a lot. If you highly recommend it I will go over to the store to a rink to get skates. Do they bake them on site or do I do it in my oven? (I don't know if that is a dumb question. Do they really "bake" them?

As for Sticks, I am 5'5. I have been used to wooden sticks so I'll probably get that Sherwood 5030 (assuming it's flex)

I'll check out those URL's though to see how they are priced online. Again, thank you.

Anyone know anything about

Easton Synergy 500 Sr. Ice Hockey Skates

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