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07-28-2009, 03:03 PM
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While my point has been partly mentionned in segments earlier, I'd just like to point out what I feel would be the most important thing for you. Basically, for a good player, every single decision should have been made before the game, not during. Whatever situation you get yourself in, you should always know what to do so you can simply do it.

This can be done in many ways that have been mentionned. Visualisation, watching elite players that play your position and thinking about your errors after games are great ways to "solve problems". If you don't think about your errors, you'll screw up next time you get in the same position. After games, you also have to remember your good plays, especially those who are somewhat accidental (like when you tell yourself "how did I get into the offensive zone so easily? How did I end up alone in the crease? How did I get out of the corner with the puck?") This is where experience comes into play, but you need to make that experience worthy.

One last thing. It's always a good thing to try to learn at least a little about other positions, especially the one you get matched against the most (if you're a LW, it would be RD). That way, you can figure out how you'd beat yourself if you were in your opponent's skates, which makes the whole "visualisation" process much more efficient. But then again, you need to think about these things before the game, after the game, but not during the game.

And yeah, two more things. I'm not sure about your level and it might have been mentionned, but always keep your head up (with and without the puck) and have fun cause it's only a game after all.

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