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10-30-2004, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR469
and it also doesn't change the fact that bettman overexpanded, put teams into markets that couldn't support them and the owners are too stupid to run their own franchises...the owners are responsible for all the problems and the owners could solve the problems with or without the cap by using some self control
Certainly true. Except I do not think that the owners are responsible for quite ALL the problems. But, yes, much of the current disaster was caused by them. Let's also not forget that it was the same Bettman who locked out the players a decade ago. It was the same group of Bettman and the owners that crowed victory at that time. And it was the same group of Bettman and the owners who voted to extend the CBA for a good amount of years. This is all relativelyl not all that long ago. And then Bettman started to expand. And then came the watered down product due to the fact that so many people started to play in the league that would not have made it to the NHL not 10 years before. Skill levels played in the overall game should go up and not down. Look at all the other major sports. The all evolve, not devolve. And this is all happening on Bettman's watch. Coincidence?

"the fact is and i'll say it again when superstar players speak out for contraction it makes guys who take up roster spots 16-23 worry about there jobs. this union is folding pretty fast."

Please, could we do without the chicken little? SOS, fact is that the ones that are complaining are going to be the ones that take the first hit. Need a roster spot for a youngster? Good bye Daignais. Need to cut someone to make room for more $$$? Good bye Commodore. So, in the overall scheme of things, what does it matter what they say? With Bettman's cap, they will be the firstto be replaced by "younger, faster, cheaper" players.

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