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07-29-2009, 12:38 AM
Connor McBigMac
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Hey guys, I'm on a trip right now in the Mid east and it's really hot here so I thought I'd take advantage of that and start some weight loss.

weight loss training has been a success so far, I've lost upwards of 10 pounds through cardio in the heat in about 2 weeks.

However; since i have gotten here I have been on the paleo Diet, or the hunter gather's diet which consists of eating only fruits and vegetables along with lean meats cooked with no salts and eaten with no sauces (just like our ancestors had, apparently) and only consuming water as a beverage. This has proven successful in the weight loss factor, but I'm afraid of not getting enough Carbs in my body and it taking away from the muscle mass I have gained so far this year through weight training. I'm looking to continue this weight loss, but not at the cost of muscle mass, so should I continue doing what I'm doing or make refinements in my workout routine and diet? Routine has basically consisted of jogging 30 minutes a day and doing about 75 squats. Are their any meat centered diets I could try you guys have heard of?

I'm turning 16 in about 2 weeks, heading into grade 11, and I played Linebacker last season on the football team, but I'm hoping to fill a hole on our team at the saftey position next season but I need to be leaner. Plus theirs the whole self confidence factor.

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