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Originally Posted by octopi View Post
-A confession?

-A mini blog?

-A search for empathy?

Darned if I know, I just thought I'd mention it

No kidding...they play 4 players and the ball is unhandleable, cannot take passes and can hardly shoot the sucker.I'm quitting when this is over, going to see if maybe I can get back into beginner shinny, at least I was competitive there, when I wasn't terrified I'd get squashed by some mammoth.
hockey equipment can be had pretty cheaply these days. playing with people at your skill level or just slightly better is the best way to improve. i dont know what 'beginner' shinny is but here when the public rinks are open in the winter the timeslots are only divided by age, so you show up and get whatever you get. sometimes the best shinny you could possibly imagine, more often too many people and a small number of players who are much better than everyone else. which is great when they use their team, not much fun when they're hogs.

im actually thinking of getting some cheap equipment and joining a house league this winter. never played real organized hockey with regs and full equipment, just lots and lots of shinny and im pretty tired of the variability.

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