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Originally Posted by Garfinkel1 View Post
I am a size 9 shoe, should I get 8 1/2 sized skates? What size should I get.
Can I/should I just order them online?

I want a flexible stick. Relatively cheap. Money is not really that much of an issue but I don't think it is realistic to spend 80$+ on a stick since i'm just starting up...Looking for more around 25$ range.

I read a bunch of the advice threads for new players. So thanks for all that guys.

Another question - I was looking online and I am sooo confused. There are So many skates I don't know where to start. Can anyone recommend me skates for under 80$? Also, why is the sizing like 6.0D, 7.0D. What does the D mean?
Definitely go to a pro shop for the skates. If you want to give us a general idea of what city you live in/near, someone might be able to recommend a place. You need to be able to try on several different models, brands, sizes, and widths to get one that fits *your* foot.

$25 is pretty much only gonna get you a wood stick, but that's fine to start out/re-start out. I've been playing off and on for three years and I'm just starting to think about going composite. The Sher-Wood 5030 is a good beginner stick from what I've heard, but handle some different sticks while you're at the shop and see what feels good in your hands. Chances are the employees there will have suggestions too.

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