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10-30-2004, 04:30 PM
True Blue
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Originally Posted by Fletch
Martin Gelinas...what a genius, who obviously know bumpkis about negotiating. Yup, that's how you negotiate Martin, you appear desparate by phoning your counterpart every day.
Exactly, Fletch. What negotiations are made by calling your counterpart every day and begging for a deal? And as NYR said, why should it be the players calling Bettman everyday? Why exactly is Bettman not supposed to be callling the players?
Here's another question, SOS. Isn't Bettman supposed to be the caretaker of the game as a whole? Why is he acting like the owners' personal lapdog? He is not doing his job. If he was, wouldn't he be trying to get a deal that's fair for BOTH sides? IF he was a true caretaker of the league and not the owners' pet, would he really insult grown men by treating them like children and telling them that they need a "time to reflect"? I suppose if Bettman's job is to take care of the owners than he is doing a bang up job. However, if he is supposed to be taking care of hockey, then he is about as successful as Custer was.

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