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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I notice between my intermediate One90 2-piece and Dolomite 75 flex 2-piece that I get more power out of the Dolo. I think this is because the One90 is so whippy that it torques to the side. There's also a think crack down the side near the hosel, but I think that's just paint, because it would have exploded by now.

Even though the 75 flex feels too stiff, the shots are still quite a bit harder. I think if I were able to find a 65-70 flex Dolomite shaft, that might help, but every time I use a shaft that's intermediate flex or so, I lose power and accuracy.

I can't shoot at all with an 85 flex or higher stick. Just lose all accuracy and power.

I'm 5'8" and 180 right now, above average strength, using a stick cut down below my chin on skates.
you ever thought about using the 70 flex int. warriors? was looking at the int. dolo's and macdaddy's the other day and noticed they come up to between my nose and eye-level on me uncut in street shoes, so i'd need to cut another inch or so off(i'm 5'8"). on top of the fact dolo's seem a touch stiff to flex to me.

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