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07-30-2009, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by CCF23 View Post
Which makes me sad. I don't hate Demitra, but that $4 million could be used wayyyyyyyyyyyy better somewhere else. I'd even dump him for a 3rd rounder at this point just for the cap space it would clear up. I hear Phoenix is looking to take on salary .
Demitra is one of our only legitimate Top-6 forwards. His contract is fair, not overly high or low, for what he brings. Even as he was injured for 13 games, he still had the 4th most points on the team. Attribute it to Sundin, Kesler, the Sedins- whatever. He's a good player for what we're paying him. If Demo goes down, as Tripwyre pointed out, we have ridiculous depth on offense so that his production might be matched (or beaten) by a couple of other forwards.

You trade Pavol now, and it sends the message that you're only as valuable as the cap-space we need. Who would want to sign in Vancouver then? Kesler? Luongo? What happens when we have a hole @ D and Luongo's contract is getting in the way ($8 million dollar figures, I believe)? Obviously, as he is a/our franchise goaltender, we would try to move other assets, but my point is that nobody that *JUST* signed a contract last year should worry about being traded the next (while still putting up 20 goals and 53 points lulz).

Gillis chose not to mend the hole at the blue-line, and so if he can't move a forward for a defenceman (or sign one), we'll just have to bear with it for 82 more games.

If we don't win the cup this year because of defence, hell, it's not like we missed anything the last 40 times.

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