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07-30-2009, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ensane View Post
I was kicking around starting a thread for Sengoku, but I don't think a lot of people here will be watching with a ton of interest. There just aren't too many known names on the card.

Admittedly, Kitaoka was completely off my radar--and probably a lot of other radars. Sherdog has him as the SIXTH ranked lightweight in the world. Misaki is fun, but Nakamura has never lived up to half of his hype. So we'll see how that one goes. Ivanov, I think, is destined for failure. Fujita is a big powerful man with a great wrestling base and KO power. I would have rather seen him fight Aleks for the dramatic aspect, and because Aleks is more of an impact fighter, but I suppose this will do. Lastly, I was very surprised when perusing the card earlier this week at how inexperienced the 6 guys on the first 3 fights are. I think I may skip those, and if there are any "must see" bouts, I'll hear about them and view them later.

There are some interesting matchups indeed. I always like the Japanese production and since this is now covered on HDNet, I'll definitely be checking it out.
Yeah, with these usually happening in the middle of the night or on tape delay, it seems that this thread is sufficient as kind of a catch-all. Even Dream 9 with all its freakshow appeal got maybe a dozen posts.

Also the first three Sengoku fights are from TV show called Gold Rush that's kind of like the Japanese equivalent to TUF, so the guys are all pretty green. I don't know anything about them myself, I don't even know if they'll be on the HDNet broadcast.

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