Thread: News Article: Pronger's contract investigated
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07-31-2009, 02:27 PM
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First off, the Flyers looked at the Hawks deal and proceeded... before that, the hawks looked at the Wings deal and proceeded... Now they go after the Hawks and the Flyers with an investigation. What's wrong with this picture? The Hawks and Flyers see a deal approved and feel that they can make a similar deal.

Also, the Flyers only advantage in this... since unlike the Hawks, they are responsible to the obligation until it is over... is in Pronger receiving up front money and the Cap is relieved -- which, BTW, makes sense in that he will not be worth as much as he gets older -- How is that Cap relief really any better than the Cap relief with Richards dozen years?... Other than the numbers, it isn't.

... The NHL allowed all this crap by allowing an averaged Cap hit -- which was to protect teams from monkeying with numbers, and basically also protecting the players from being dumped after a while with an increasing contract -- Eliminate the averaging and the Cap circumventing also goes away... The NHL wants it cake and eat it too.

In Pronger's case, I really don't see the problem... The Flyers are gambling on his playing it out capably... It is not even a loophole like the Hawks is, for goodness sake.

Sometimes I feel I should become a casual fan and not bother with the details... Attend games and read the box scores and post game stories, and follow who is on and off the team... leaving all this gamesmanship off my radar.


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