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10-31-2004, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
Joe Must Go
Joe must Go
Joe Must Go
Joe Must Go

... and please take your son with you

Make Tom Bradley the head coach, or hire someone from outside the program.

Bradley is their best recruiter ... and his defense gets better and better each week. The defense has allowed just 13 points combined against Iowa and Ohio St. ... and two losses

Meanwhile the offense gets more and more embarassing each week.
Can't run
Can't throw
Cab't catch
Can't block

Venting some frustration? Like I said before, I feel your pain. I was there for homecoming and I'll be there next week for Northwestern. Going for a football weekend used to be 50% for football then 50% for it's 95% for drinking.

If Robinson never throws another ball at QB I'll be a happy person. Not that it is all his fault but I just think he'd be better utilized as a Wide out or RB. Next year put in the Soph as the QB, let Robinson be the no 1 WR and let Hunt and Scott do the running. Now if the offensive line can just give em some time we'll be improved.

One more thing. John just asking...Do you want the Fans to chant "Joe Must Go" at the games? Just wondering why you put it like that in your message.

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