Thread: News Article: Pronger's contract investigated
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07-31-2009, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by DinkusMaximus View Post
This type of stuff is nonsense. They write the rules, then get mad when people follow them and still find ways of making things work. I agree players shouldn't get contracts that pay them till they're 50, but at the same time extending contracts till players are 40 is realistic. The contracts are still on the books and count against the Cap. If you don't like the way your lawyers wrote the rules punish them and yourselves for not catching the loopholes quicker, not the teams who are following the stipulations you set forth.
Well, there are loopholes, and then there is knowingly circumventing the salary cap. If both parties signed the contract with the understanding that the player would not play out the contract, then the team essentially wrote years into the contract that are there purely to lower the salary cap hit in order to circumvent the cap hit for the years they intend to pay, and the player intends to play.

In an absolute sense they are allowed to give out that contract, but if neither party actually intends to fulfill the contract...then there's a problem there. That's dirty pool.

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