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10-31-2004, 12:18 PM
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A great site to find information on hockey equipment is They have a sell forum you might look through for some used stuff on the cheap. You could also search for some feedback and the members there will defnitely help you pick out some of the best beginner equipment for the lowest price if you wanted to ask.

Sicne you already have skates this won't really apply but I wanted to make a note in response to a previous poster that going to a shop to get fitted for skates then ordering them online is really not an acceptable route to take. In most cases it won't end up being cheaper once you factor sharpening, skate baking, and/or shipping into the mix and there's no better a way to piss off a local hockey shop owner then by wasting his time properly fitting you for skates to find out you were just going spend your money elsewhere.

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