Thread: News Article: Pronger's contract investigated
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07-31-2009, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersJunky View Post
I agree... But if the player says that he will make every attempt to fulfill his end of the contract; he intends to, if at all possible... and the team says they want him to play that long, if he is able to do so up to an NHL level... They sign a contract in good faith; they are NOT circumventing the Salary Cap, and the loop hole provides them to be rid of his Cap hit if he retires due to his not being able to perform up to an NHL level; he can't 'make' the roster. Hossa could conceivably play until that age, but the odds are not with him... no matter his intention, or stated intention.

The problem arises when the player or team say something stupid... thus proving that the intention was to circumvent the process. I am not saying that teams should lie; I am saying that they should not be stupid, and all be on the same page... and keep their mouth shut, unless they have something that HAS to be said.
Right, it's a loophole, which they should probably close either by changing how the 35+ rule works, or by simply imposing a term length limit if they want to get rid of it...however, the contract itself is not circumventing the rules of the CBA. The issue is the understanding about that contract that may or may not exist between the two parties that signed it.

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