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Rozi, Deadend, Staal, Girardi, Sauer, Gilroy will be the regulars by the 1qt mark.

Originally Posted by puckhead94 View Post
I mean we could always just skip the poll and go get some beers lol.
Gulden Draak!!!!!!! Settle for nothing less

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Mike Sauer was the best defenseman in Hartford last season...How do I know this? I watched the games. I talked to people that watched the games. I read reports from professionals that watched the games.

Mike Sauer was excelling in Hartford...He looked like a promising rookie making his NHL debut--which being in the middle of a playoff run, we didn't have the luxury of entertaining.
100% spot on! Sauer is the best all-round defender in Hartford last year. He's had injury issues which have slowed his development and dropped him in the draft. He's a capable defensemen and is ready to be given a real shot at the NHL.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post said Sauer was slow, which is just a misstatement of the's just not true. It's not true that Sauer is slow.
It's amazing how one person will say something, on this board, then others will continue to repeat it. Like gossip spreading, after a while everyone will be saying it because the post they read is the only knowledge they have and no one will know the truth. If someone like Squish, says Sauer is slow, then I'll start thinking so, until then, I want to see what he's got in the bigs.

It's time for Sauer to join his old Portland teammate.

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