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08-01-2009, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Both articles are pretty amusing. Thanks for posting them Telos.

The pens article is a little overblown though... Clarke didn't single out the Penguins the way the it suggests. Pointing out all the technical flaws in Clarke's words was good though, and Clarke did seem to be speaking with more emotion than rationale.

What I got out of Clarke's words was that he is really just pissed the NHL plays a skill game. He still wants to see rough and tumble 70's hockey. Big surprise. He was lashing out at those three teams because they all rely heavily on superstar talent, as opposed to Clarke who would prefer to beat those few superskill players senseless. I could be reading into a little much, but that was the sense I got.
Nope, I think you captured the correct flavor of his words. And that is Bobby Clarke, action before thought, but competitive to the core. He just wishes he had someone on his team now who could've broken Crosby's or Geno's ankle, to give his team a better chance.

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