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08-01-2009, 10:41 AM
Pierre Gotye
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Accelerating in hockey is all about perfecting your skating and technique.

If you're 260 pounds and out of shape, then getting into better shape will help.

But I am not sure if a certain workout will help you.

Buy Laura Stamm's book. It has some great advice in it to help improve your skating.

For me personally, I read up a bit on starting and found a big increase in how I started from a dead stop to accelerate at top speed(which for me at 6'7 isn't so fast).

Still, as a defenseman I am able to catch up with some forwards.

Remember from a dead stop, you'll want to start with your skates in a 'V' pattern, with your toes pointed outward, then accelerate from there.

You won't hit full speed for about 3-4 strides.

Other than that remember to bend your knees. Balance is the most important things. I even stand up more than I should too much.

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