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2005 CBA FAQ & Key Dates

note: This FAQ is regularly undergoing renovation.

Index of topics [clickable]
  1. General Questions & Key Dates
  2. Entry Draft
  3. Free Agency
  4. Standard Player Contracts
  5. Salary Arbitration
  6. Waivers, Loans and Trades
  7. Revenue Sharing
  8. Salary Cap
  9. Specific Team/Player/Situation Questions
  10. Supplement to CBA governing contracts of five or more years in length

Acknowledgments: Many different HFB members have contributed to the content in this FAQ by providing answers, links, or simply by asking interesting questions. It would be impossible to identify and credit everyone individually, so a big thanks to all those who have contributed in one fashion or another. Do want to give a special thanks to Irish Blues who created the original version of this FAQ.

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